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Re: Nabopop: Russia (fwd)
From: Yuri Leving <mslyuri@mscc.huji.ac.il>

From: Yuri Leving, mslyuri@mscc.huji.ac.il:

Nabokov and his influence on the modern pop-culture is a very stimulating theme
yet to be studied.
I can point out several occurences of VN in the modern post-Soviet music

1. A new Russian pop-starlet Alsou (2nd place in the Eurovision competition this
year) filmed a video-clip based on "Lolita" (though, I belive, she is older than
Dolores Haze).

2. In the second album (2000) of Zemphira (she is, probably, the most talanted
and least commercial of the young Russian musicians) there is a song, which goes
like this:

Ona chitaet v metro Nabokova,
Ia sizhy okolo...
("She reads Nabokov at the metro and I am sitting near by...") The Russian
original has a beautiful rhyme "oko".

3. Legendary Russian rock-band DDT is known by its poetical texts, written by
their leader Shevchuk. I paid attention that Lolita is figured out together with
Joan of Arc in the recent album "Metel' avgusta" ("The Blizzard of August",
2000), track No. 8.

> From: Martin Striz <striz78@hotmail.com>
> Here's a tiddle for those of you keeping abreast of "Nabopop" trivia: there
> appears to be a band called Clare Quilty (http://www.clarequilty.com), which
> sounds like some kind of alternative-punk-electronic hodgepodge -- not very
> good, but interesting nonetheless. And sure enough, on guitarist Mike
> Rodi's bio page he writes, "Favorite Book from which to take a band name:
> Lolita."
> Now if only they had adopted Pnin, Kinbote, Ada and Zina as stage names.
> Cheers,
> Martin Striz
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