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Re: A Pale Fire Movie Scenario? (fwd)
From: Scott Hart <ssamuelhart@home.com>

Hi y'all,

Why is there this infernal urge to make great books into movies? Some
books should be left alone simply because they are masterpieces, fully alive
only in the reader's and re-reader's imaginations.
I can't see how 'Pale Fire' (in my opinion 1 of the top 2 or 3 literary
masterpieces of the 20th century's 2nd half) could be made into a movie and
not bastardized, forever ruined for P F readers who plunk down the $7 or $8
to see it. Yes, I mean ruined. To all you movie makers: Go after Harry
Potter instead!

Regards, Scott

** NO, please, no Harry Potter movies either! Kids have already been
traumatized enough by all the hoopla and suggestions that they never read
a printed word before Harry Potter books arrived. I have talked to lots of
kids, including my own, who really want to stick to their own images of
the Harry Potter characters so it's not unlike what Scott Hart is
objecting to here in relation to PF. GD **