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A Pale Fire Movie Scenario? (fwd)
From: Camille Scaysbrook <verona_beach@hotpop.com>

I wouldn't. The greatest thing about `Pale Fire' is that it is an innately
literary book. You couldn't stage it, you couldn't film it ... you couldn't
even do a radio play of it, and a radio play is about the closest form to
prose that I have come across. And this is precisely the reason I love it
and it would be a sin to whore it out to any other medium ;)

Camille Scaysbrook

> From: Iann88@aol.com
> Since we are discussing books into movies and who else could have done
> "Lolita" -- I'd opt for Hitch-- can someone jump in and give us a one page
> scenario for "Pale Fire"? What you would present a producer with in
> dramatic minutes while you yelled and screamed and insisted why and how
> book should be turned into a movie. It can be done, but how?
> Phil Iannarelli
> Cleveland, OHIO