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Re: A Pale Fire Movie Scenario? (fwd)
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I don't think you can do Pale Fire on film, sir, unless you give the viewers
a copy of the poem and keep the lights bright enough for them to be able to
read the passages "commented on" by Charles. But Lolita, yes, I would have
liked see Buñuel work on it toward the end of his life. Of course he could
not have captured the full demonic nature of nymphettehood, as described by
HH, but then neither Kubrick nor the latest one have at all. And he may have
needed some restraining influence to keep him from putting baby pigs in the
arms of female strollers, or symphonic orchestras in chance constructions
sites, but, on the other hand, how well he would have captured the teasing
essence of Lo and the dreamy mirages she helps develop, to judge by his
latest films.
Francisco J. González

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Since we are discussing books into movies and who else could have done
"Lolita" -- I'd opt for Hitch-- can someone jump in and give us a one page
scenario for "Pale Fire"? What you would present a producer with in twenty
dramatic minutes while you yelled and screamed and insisted why and how this
book should be turned into a movie. It can be done, but how?

Phil Iannarelli
Cleveland, OHIO