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Query: lost LOLITA quote (fwd)
Please respond directly to M. Pallotta <mikep1@mail.com>

I would not bother anyone with such a question if I hadn't already been
frustrated in all of my attempts. I am looking for a quote that I seem
to remember from Lolita. I thought it occurred in the first half of the
book, but have not been able to find it. The speaker was talking of what
the look of intense passion is and why it is such. If you could help
directly or by directing me to another resource, I would be very
grateful. Below I will try to explain what the prose communicated to
me. The prose, in addition to striking me as beautiful, communicated an
idea I had never heard expressed before. Of course, we admire great
writers because they communicate so well, what few other can. While my
words will fall terribly short of the original, I hope they suffice.

It is not a typical look of pleasure, in fact it is more like that of
pain or anticipation of something negative. The speaker justified this
look by explaining that the passionate moment is so important, that the
knowledge that it will end or could end causes a person great

The only other book this could be from is Henry Miller's Sexus. I pored
over that book and Lolita, but have not been able to find the text that I
am speaking of. It seems more like Humbert Humbert to me, but I am at a
loss. I appreciate any help you can offer.

Mike Pallotta