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Delalande (fwd)
From: Paul Braffort <pbraffor@cybercable.fr>

A comment to Alexei Medvedev's guess.

Delalande is a rather common French name (including a XVIIIe century
composer). But we should be aware of Pierre-André Lalande, a philosopher
and scholar who edited a famous "Vocabulaire technique et critique de la
philosophie" which is often quoted as "le vocabulaire de Lalande". Started
in 1902, his work was published by Alcan in 1926, went through many
reeditions (from 1938 on at the "Presses Universitaires de France") and is
still in use today in a paperback edition. The fourth edition of this
encyclopedia, in 1934, was a major cultural event in philosophy.

Paul Braffort, Paris