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Henry James and Nabokov. (fwd)
From: Elaine Norris <Lainey@austin.rr.com>

I've wondered this also, particularly about James' short story, "The Figure
in the Carpet." At one time I would've sworn that VN refferred to it
directly in one of his short stories, but the more I reread, the more unsure
I become. Surely someone out there has a definitive answer.

Elaine Norris

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> Nabokov found Henry James puzzling, but one critic credited James's
> technique, in his complex later phase, as the foundation for and
> indispensable to Joyce's stream of consciousness and a precursor of other
> modern approaches to fiction. Did James influence Nabokov in any way that
> Nabokov would not admit?
> Phillip Iannarelli
> Cleveland, Ohio