Vladimir Nabokov

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Fw: Yikes! (Sue Lyon's Birthday) (fwd)
From: Camille Scaysbrook <verona_beach@hotpop.com>

It depends on your definition of `screw up'. I always consider the test of a
great piece of art is that it can never effectively move from one medium to
another. That doesn't preclude film adaptations, which in many cases manage
to be both a completely different and completely effective kettle of fish.
If anything, the Adrian Lyne Lolita failed because it was *too* reverent to
its subject matter. Personally, I wish the other director who had been after
the rights had got them - David Lynch. It would have had nothing to do with
the book, but boy would I have liked to have seen it!

Camille Scaysbrook

> > >*** As far as birthdays go, today is also Marcel Proust's, b. 1871.
> > >Tomorrow is E.B. White's. GD**
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> > >From: Scott Hart <ssamuelhart@home.com>
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> > >Films should not be made from excellent novels. They always, I mean
> > >always,
> > >screw it up!