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Re: VN's Don Quixote Lectures in Russian? (fwd)
From: Sergey B. Il'in <sbil@online.ru>

Some exceptions from this «Lectures» are published in Russian in – V.
Nabokov «Lektzii po zarubezhnoy literature». Moskva.Izdatel’stvo
Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 1998 (translation of G. Dashevski)

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>From: Ellen A. Becker <Ellen.Becker@liu.edu>
>I am trying to find out whether Nabokov's work on Don Quixote has been
>translated into Russion and was referred to NABOKV-L, the Electronic
>Nabokov Discussion Forum. A family friend visiting from Russia is
>interested in this information.
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