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VN Bibliography
Three articles on Nabokov appear in the new "team" publication of
Rossiiskii Gosudarstvennyi Gumanitarnyi Universitet and Ohio State
University, _Rossiia i SSHA: Formy literaturnogo dialoga_ (Russia &
USA: Forms of Literary Dialogue), edited by Irene Masing-Delic and
Margarita Odesskaya. All articles are in Russian but there are English
synopses at the end. The English translations of the titles below are not
mine but are as they appear in the English Content of the issue.
"Different Shores" in Galya Rylkova's title refers to the Russian version
of VN's autobiography.

Marina Noskovich, "Amerika v romane V. Nabokova 'Lolita'" (America in the
Novel "Lolita" by V. Nabokov)

Galina Rylkova, "'Drugie berega' i drugie chitateli. Nabokov v
Amerike" (Different Shores -- Different Readers: Nabokov in America)

Liana Akopova, "Motiv dvoinichestva v trekh romanakh V. Nabokova" (The
Motif of the Double in Three Nabokov's Novels).

Galya Diment