Vladimir Nabokov

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Possible VN Senior Thesis Topics
*** Please send your suggestions directly to Mr. Nguyen ***

From: Thomas Nguyen <miles@stanford.edu>

If anybody has any hot topics for a senior thesis, I'm all ears as I've
been feeling around in the dark for a while (though with Nabokov it's
been quite fun, of course).

My interests are primarily in the metaphysical/ethical/aesthetic aspect of
his texts. My adviser is Brett Bourbon. I'm about halfway through
Alexandrov's "Nabokov's Otherworld" and have enjoyed his approach, though
naturally I am reluctant to abandon the metaliterary thread. Julian
Connolly's work has also been fascinating, especially his discussion on
the self and other. As of now, it seems like an interesting subject could
arise from a treatment of The Gift with Ada, though RLSK, Pale Fire and
Lolita, of course, have been the most enjoyable.

Thomas Nguyen
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