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Re: "Lolita" music in weird TV ad? (fwd)
From: Paul Sonnenburg <rover@cais.com>

Mary Bellino <iambe@javanet.com> writes, in part,

> [A Wimbledon TV ad] shows the typical vacation car scene with the
> kids, etc...[accompanied by] the "road theme" from Kubrick's
> "Lolita"... I can't imagine what the director was thinking of.

Is it possible that the director was indulging a bit of VN-style whimsy,
perhaps to amuse her spouse who teaches Modern Lit at UCLA, and hoping a few
other observant Nabokovians might enjoy a chuckle? More sinister possibilities
lurk, but this is a _family_ Nabokov discussion list, after all.

Washington, D.C.