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"Lolita" music in weird TV ad? (fwd)
From: Mary Bellino <iambe@javanet.com>

While I was watching NBC's coverage of Wimbledon this week I saw the
most bizarre ad: it's for a minivan, I think, and it shows the typical
vacation car scene with the kids (boy and girl of about 8) fighting in
the back seat, Mom trying to keep peace, Dad threatening to turn the car
around etc. What's weird about it is that playing throughout the entire
ad is the "road theme" from Kubrick's "Lolita" -- that mildly annoying
la-la-la-la tune that always accompanies a long shot of Humbert's car
travelling along some road -- with Lolita inside of course. Has anyone
else seen this ad? Although I'm not much of a movie fan and I haven't
seen Kubrick's film for many years, I don't think I'm mistaken, but I
can't imagine what the director was thinking of.