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Humbert genealogy & PF search (fwd)
***The volume with papers from this conference should be forthcoming this
year. It has been long in the making but apparently there is hope...GD***

From: Kelvin Lu <kelvin@midway.uchicago.edu>

While searching for Paul Allen Miller's "The Crewcut as Homoerotic
Discourse in Pale Fire" using Altavista,

I found inadvertently a page of Humbert history and genealogy (a Paul
Allen Miller descends from a Humbert). There seems to be no mention of
Lolita's famous dad, though "swiss Humberts" and "academic" Humberts
(even Saint Humbert) are incidentally mentioned.
the site: http://www.goldrush.com/%7Ehumbert/
(the "Humbert" history is under the "Humbert" link)

I was not able to find anything regarding Miller's paper or its
presentation at the NABOKOV AND IDEOLOGY conference held at Texas Tech a
few years ago (as mentioned by Prof. Sweeney in an earlier post). Can
anyone tell me whether this paper has been published or where I might be
able to find it (or abstract even)?

Thank you

Kelvin Lu