Vladimir Nabokov

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For those who are not terribly familiar with Chaucer (who is, actually,
one of my favorites): Ken Tapscott probably meant Chaucer's THE HOUSE OF
FAME -- which is 2125 lines long and unfinished.

THE HOUSE OF FAME contains a poet's dream where he travels to the
Houses of Fame and Rumor to hear tidings of love. Many famous couple of
lovers from Greek and Roman epic poetry and mythology are mentioned here.
The House is, indeed, in the middle of a very strange land whose
isolation and "sterility" contrast with the "togetherness" and fertility
featured in the temple:

"When I out at the dores cam,/I faste aboute me beheld./Then sawgh I but a
large feld,/As fer as that I myghte see,/Withouten toun, or hous, or
tree,/Or bush, or grass, or eryd lond;/For al the feld nas but of sond/As
smal as man may se yet lye/In the desert of Lybye;/Ne no maner
creature/That ys yformed be Nature/Ne sawght I, me to rede or wisse./"O
Crist!" thoughte I..."

Galya Diment