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Re: Nabokov and Pope (fwd)
*** Boyd does mention both _Dunciad_ and the index in the _Pale Fire_
chapter of _American Years_: "As a Pope scholar, Shade has before him the
example of Pope's _Dunciad_, a poem also in four books and in heroic
couplets, with eccentric annotations by an invented critic and a comic
index: a parody of egotistic scholarship" (p. 443). References to Pope,
albeit not to _Dunciad_, are also quite frequent in Boyd's _Nabokov's
Pale Fire_, and there was a recent article by Lisa Zunshine on PF and _The
Rape of the Lock_. GD***

From: Kiran Krishna <kiran@Physics.usyd.edu.au>

Mary, you are welcome.

The Dunciad actually got published as a poem with notes and mock
indices to each canto(The notes are still published in the John Butt
edition, and most others. The Index, for some reason, is only published in
the full collection, as far as I know), which is why I am amazed it
doesn't rate a mention in Boyd's book.

Of particular interest to me would be the translations, of which I
know almost nothing. I would expect an allusion there. Has anyone done a
study of the allusions to Pope? I would have thought there would have been
plenty of those around the place.

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> Thanks, Kiran!
> I never knew Pope beyond Essay on Man, but it's always been clear (hasn't
> it?) that John Shade knew him well.
> You and Pope even give us a pale sun here. Your excerpt from The Dunciad
> doesn't seem far-fetched to me. It's likely of special interest to the
> Shade-wrote-the-notes and Kinbote-wrote-the-poem arguments. I don't know
> these, was aghast at hearing about them, now intend to at least look at Boyd.


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