Vladimir Nabokov

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Berlin, 1918-1937
Nabokv-L subscribers may be interested in a new edition of _Berlin in
Lights: The Diaries of Count Harry Kessler (1918-1937)_ since it covers
pretty much the precise years the Nabokovs, first VN's parents and then he
and Vera, stayed in Berlin. You can find a review of the book in today's
NYTBR, p. 21. Kessler, as the review describes him, "was born... to a
German banker and an artistic Irish mother, he trained as a lawyer before
devoting his energies and money to the arts. He introduced Impressionism
to Germany, supported poets and artists (including Rilke and Munch),
developed the Weimar seminars later to become the Bauhaus, and under his
own imprint, the Cranach Press, produced classic fine books."

Galya Diment