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Fw: Fitzgerald and Nabokov
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> Fitzgerald's 'Tender is the Night' is known to be
> first published in 1934, in New York and London,
> and its revised edition appeared in 1951.
> Actually, Fitzgerald produced a much gloomier
> version of 'Lolita': Nicole's mother dies when
> the girl is thirteen, and it is not her stepfather
> but her own father, a Göttingen-graduate,
> 'looking less than forty' who rapes her.
> There is another blood-chilling scene in
> the novel: a crowed of angry people are
> waiting outside the courtyard for a native of
> Frascati who raped and slain a five-year-old
> child.True, the novel is, among other things,
> a success story of Nicole's recovery
> but I wonder whether critics in the US
> ever discussed the 'Lolitian' side of the novel,
> either as it is or connected with Nabokov.
> There are other vague 'echoes' between
> Fitzgerald and Nabokov in 'Tender ...', eg,
> Nicole looking down 'at the necklace and
> bracelet of lights that were Monteux and Vevey',
> or an orchestra playing 'Poor Butterfly' ...
> ... a tune new enough to them all ...
> Oh, butterfly - the moments pass into hours -'.
> Has anyone written on the Nabokov-Fitzgerald
> connection?
> Ljuba Tarvi
> Helsinki university