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Re: Maliszewski article
_McSweeney's Quarterly_ is hard to find. A very sharp woman (in
sensational cowboy boots that she made herself) at the Gotham Book Mart in
New York City told me that a reprint of #4 is contemplated (with slight
differences to distinguish it from the original). The $22 issue #4 is
actually a set of pamphlets in a box -- obviously designed for collectors.
Paul Maliszewski tells me he has not heard about this rumored re-issue.

Perhaps someone could contact McSweeney's thru their web site andley
NABOKV-L know what is going on.

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On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, Galya Diment wrote:

> ** See below**
> From: Anna Riehl <ANYA17@prodigy.net>
> > 2) I have, at long last, been able to read Paul Maliszevski's article
> > "Paperback Nabokov" in the elegant and elusive journal _McSweeney's
> > Quarterly_ #4 (Late Winter 2000).
> How does one get a hold of *McSweeney's Quarterly* #4? Their website claims
> that this issue is sold out...
> Anya Riehl.
> **It was on sale until recently at many -- but not all -- bookstores. If
> you have seen the publication, you would know that it's a number
> of mini-issues on different topics, very elegantly done and sold as
> one. It costs $35, I believe. I tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade my
> bookseller to sell me just the VN covers issue and ended up borrowing
> one from a student who bought it all (and who is, also a Nabokv-L
> subscriber -- so thanks again, Meghan!). Paul also was kind enough to send
> me an advance xerox copy. It is probably well worth the money but I sort
> of resented having to pay for things I did not need to get one I did --
> must be the Russian in me. Back in the former Soviet Union they often
> did things of this kind, so it must have spoiled me for life! :) GD**