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VN Bibliography (fwd)
From: Elaine Norris <Lainey@austin.rr.com>

I manage a bookstore with a small news stand and unfortunately the "off
sale" date has passed and if any stores had copies left they would have been
destroyed. Fortunately, destroyed means that the box was returned to the
vendor and I kept the contents. I have three extra copies of Paperback
Nabokov that I would be happy to send out on a first come first served
basis. It is illegal, of course, to save them from the dumpster, but oh
well. I sold 47 copies for the very steep cover price, so the magazine did
well and I have no guilt. Email me directly if you are interested.

Elaine Norris

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> ** See below**
> From: Anna Riehl <ANYA17@prodigy.net>
> > 2) I have, at long last, been able to read Paul Maliszevski's article
> > "Paperback Nabokov" in the elegant and elusive journal _McSweeney's
> > Quarterly_ #4 (Late Winter 2000).
> How does one get a hold of *McSweeney's Quarterly* #4? Their website
> that this issue is sold out...
> Anya Riehl.
> **It was on sale until recently at many -- but not all -- bookstores. If
> you have seen the publication, you would know that it's a number
> of mini-issues on different topics, very elegantly done and sold as
> one. It costs $35, I believe. I tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade my
> bookseller to sell me just the VN covers issue and ended up borrowing
> one from a student who bought it all (and who is, also a Nabokv-L
> subscriber -- so thanks again, Meghan!). Paul also was kind enough to send
> me an advance xerox copy. It is probably well worth the money but I sort
> of resented having to pay for things I did not need to get one I did --
> must be the Russian in me. Back in the former Soviet Union they often
> did things of this kind, so it must have spoiled me for life! :) GD**