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Re: Fitzgerald in The New Yorker (fwd)
** For my response, see below**


I don't quite understand Fitzgerald's comment, although its bad grammar seems
distantly ironic.

Since I'm new to the list this week, has anybody mentioned the Kingsley Amis
slams about Nabokov that Martin Amis published in his new book? Words to the
effect that Nabokov had led many idiots down the garden path, and that Martin
may or may not have been one of those idiots. . . . Martin is always a good
topic for an argument.

And speaking of arguments has anybody else here read Dutch, the Edmund Morris
book, and sort of smelled Nabokov in its pages? Or was it just me?


**I don't think it was meant to be ironic (F.'s grammar is often not
perfect and his spelling is even worse). The joke, if there is any, is on
many of us who teach literature, for Fitzgerald obviously thought it's not
a worthy academic subject (despite Edmund Wilson's numerous attempts to
make him more "sophisticated" when it came to things literary). And, yes,
Amis's book has been mentioned on the list and we had a lengthy
discussion of Morris, who is a ardent fan of Nabokov and his Reagan
biography.** GD