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Fitzgerald in The New Yorker
For those on the list who are also fans and admirers of F. Scott
Fitzgerald (and I know there are quite a few), you may be interested in a
review article by Claudia Roth Pierpont of the just-published early
version of _The Great Gatsby_ (aka _Trimalchio in West Egg_). The article
can be found in the most recent New Yorker, pp. 77-83. One bit that was
news to me (and quite a gem!) was a letter he wrote from Hollywood to his
daughter Scottie admonishing her to spend his hard-earned money for her
college education wisely and therefore not to enroll in a course at Vassar
called "English Prose Since 1800": "Anybody that can't read modern English
prose by themselves is subnormal -- and you know it."

Galya Diment