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Sirin criticism (fwd)
*The address is http://www.libraries.psu.edu/iasweb/nabokov/zembla.htm*

From: Mark Bennett <mab@straussandasher.com>

For those who haven't visited the Zembla website recently, I would
recommend a visit so that one may read three translations, by Paul Morris,
of fairly early Sirin criticism. In an article from 1930 Gleb Struve
contrasts Sirin's verse with that of two "Parisian Poets," "who are bored,
and who force the reader to endure their boredom," and Struve says of
Sirin: "Here, finally, is someone who is definitely not bored." I'd say
that sums up Sirin/VN quite neatly . . .

Mark Bennett