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Re: Brian Boyd on Quirky, Quirks, and Pale Fire (fwd)
**While this is addressed directly to Brian Boyd, it came to the list, and
I thought it had enough information of general interest -- like that
pertaining to Mr. Smith's own book -- to warrant its "public" posting. GD**


I was debating with myself about whether I should pick up a copy
of your book on Pale Fire when you sent in your lovely letter about
Hamlet as an answer to the use of the adjective quirky to describe your
book. Thank you for tipping the balance. I look forward to a most quirky
experience. Who was it that wrote that reading Nabokov is like openeing a
lovely box of candy knowing that there are delicious poisoned bon-bons inside?
I'm pretty sure you haven't read my chapter on Pale Fire in my THE LOCUS
OF MEANING (Toronto UP, 1995). It too was called "quirky"
Herbert F. Smith