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Re: Humbert Humbert Sighting / More ParaNabokoviana (fwd)
From: Juan Martinez <>

From Modern Humorist's "Letters to Britney"

(in the guise of Martin Amis)

"Dearest Britney,

"I was mesmerised by your latest video and, watching it, missed an
appointment at a local shop to sign my new memoir, 'Experience: A Memoir.'
I notice you have a memoir of your own, and, at last count, no fewer than
seven biographers (which is, my dear, more than Nabokov and Bellow
combined). We share a history, you and I, having survived similarly
traumatic childhoods (I having been raised by alcoholic parents, and you
by unfamous ones), and I should like to write a profile of you a loving
portrait, a billet-doux for Tina Brown's Talk. I shall call it 'Spears of
Influence,' for surely I am within yours."

The rest is at

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From: Malcolm Reynolds <>

As found in "Suck":

"In an apparent fulfillment of early-internet predictions about
frictionless economies, Patrick Naughton, the former Infoseek executive
and Java star now best known as the New Economy's Humbert Humbert, has
proven that a skillful programmer can even cut a good deal with his
jailors. A story in the San Jose Mercury News details Naughton's efforts
to provide sleuth services to the FBI in exchange for a lighter sentence."

For more, see