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Re: Nabokov Museum (fwd)
From: Sergey B. Il'in <sbil@online.ru>

Bol'shaya Morskaya (Gertzena) street, 47. Go to left near the end of

Good luck.


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>**For my response, see below**
>From: James Womack <james.womack@wadham.oxford.ac.uk>
>Could someone tell me where the Nabokov museum in St Petersburg is? I
>am going out there quite soon, and my (obviously annoyingly quirky)
>guide book doesn't give me any clues.
>James Womack
>***The address is 47 Morskaya Street (in the Soviet times, Hertzen
>Street). It's not far from the Nevsky Prospect. The other landmark is
>Rozhestveno, outside of St. Petersburg on the way to Luga. A copy of
>_Speak, Memory_ may serve as a terrific guide. (Since I have entered
>into the discussion of "quirky," on which more to follow, let me also add
>that, in my humble opinion, your guide book is not that -- it is simply
>not complete!:) GD***
Sergey Il'yn

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