Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov Museum (fwd)
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From: James Womack <james.womack@wadham.oxford.ac.uk>


Could someone tell me where the Nabokov museum in St Petersburg is? I
am going out there quite soon, and my (obviously annoyingly quirky)
guide book doesn't give me any clues.


James Womack


***The address is 47 Morskaya Street (in the Soviet times, Hertzen
Street). It's not far from the Nevsky Prospect. The other landmark is
Rozhestveno, outside of St. Petersburg on the way to Luga. A copy of
_Speak, Memory_ may serve as a terrific guide. (Since I have entered
into the discussion of "quirky," on which more to follow, let me also add
that, in my humble opinion, your guide book is not that -- it is simply
not complete!:) GD***