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Re: Nab Forum-- NYTimes Forum Select Boyd's Pale Fire (fwd)
From: Rodney Welch <rodney41@mindspring.com>

Well, as an idiot reader, I'm not sure I fully got it either; Boyd's book
seemed to me a bit like the novel itself, half-brilliant and half-cracked.
The first half or so is extraordinary, but from there it seems to wander a
good bit from the text. The book may or may not be quirky, but there are
definite quirks in it -- the big one, for me, occurred when King Hamlet's
glow-worms got dragged into the discussion.

I read "Pale Fire" again before tackling Boyd, and I'll probably have to
read it again to see if I can view it through Boyd's lens.

Rodney Welch
Columbia, SC

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> Subject: Re: Nab Forum-- NYTimes Forum Select Boyd's Pale Fire (fwd)
> From: Thomas Bolt <bolt@tbolt.com>
> "Quirky" is a standard publishing term meaning
> roughly "we, the idiots in publishing, do not
> understand what is going on here but are willing
> to smirk and wink."
> Tom
> bolt@tbolt.com
> PS
> Kurt Johnson's phrase "some of this could be journalism"
> is warmly appreciated--what an elegant way of warning
> that dubious matter may follow!