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Nab Forum-- NYTimes Forum Select Boyd's Pale Fire (fwd)
From: Kurt Johnson <>

Earlier today I noted that the Editor at Book Forums had decided to change
"quirky" to "passionate and intricate", noting, however, that to him
"quirky" was a compliment [comment posted by him on the Nabokov forum there]
. I later found out that several Nabokov Forum people had emailed
complaints on that "quirky" was not a universally appropriate
characterization of BB's book. I guess its a credit to the Editor there to
have stepped in and changed it, since it IS an invitation for a discussion
to commence July l. Hopefully this can be a great discussion and also
drawn more general attention to BB's book.

Kurt Johnson

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> From: "Johnson, Kurt" <>
> The Books Forum has announced that Brian Boyd's book on Pale
> Fire will be the July discussion book for the Books Forum. See Book
> home page headline at
> The headline and note refer to the book as "quirky"-- wonder who the
> of that adjective is...
> Kurt Johnson