Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Nab Forum-- Steve Coates comments on Nabokov/autism (fwd)
From: "Johnson, Kurt" <JohnsonK@Coudert.com>

Steve Coates at tne NYTimes sent me these quick comments; I'll do
him the disservice of passing them along to N-on-line since he has some
good points--

"Its too bad this didn't appear before our book came out so we could
pooh-pooh it. Nabokov's "precosity" in language is explained by his
childhood circumstances, as is his interest in butterflies. And, why pick
on butterflies rather than, say, chess?

[a put-down word deleted here by KJ]

It is interesting that Nabokov seems not to have learned any language with
any proficiency that he didn't hear regularly at home as a child.

Kurt Johnson