Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov and autism (fwd)
From: Kurt Johnson <belina@dellnet.com>

A colleague at work today mentioned to me that on Sunday (June 18) the New
York Times sunday magazine had a article on autism that suggested Nabokov's
genius/ lack of day-to-day "horse sense" [their characterization] suggested
he displayed a certain "brand" thereof. I just came here to search N on
line to see if anyone had picked up on this and posted about it. Since I
don't see anything and DO have access to a NYTimes day to day file, I will
check and see if there is something there that truely does make such a claim
and, if so, post something about it before I leave the country for a week or
two. Meantime, I thought I'd mention the "rumor" to anyone else who has
access to Sunday NY Times issues (for instance in case when I got to our
firm files tomorrow that issue has been "taken"; it sometimes happens).

Kurt Johnson