Vladimir Nabokov

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article by Olga Skonechnaia (fwd)
From: DEDIEULEVEULT PATRICK <patrick.dedieuleveult@worldonline.fr>

Hello everybody! Does anyone know wether a translation (english or
french) of the series of articles published in russian in the review
Literaturnoe Obozrenie (1999, 2:274) is available? I am preparing a
doctorate in comparative literature at LA Sorbonne, PAris, which studies
the link Proust/NAbokov and Olga Skonechnaia proposes in this review an
article which I am very eager to read : "I or He, presence of Marcel
PRoust in the russian prose of Nabokov" (p. 46-51). Unfortunately, I am
unable to read russian language. Thank you very much. Best
regards. Juliette de Dieuleveult.