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Re: The Waltz Invention (fwd)
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Morn was published in Zvezda, a Pbg monthly, in 1997 (April). It has
not been translated into English yet. The published text is fairly
complete, but the accompanying prosaic script is not. GB

>*** As far as I know, the complete ms of the play had been lost at some
>point -- but there may have been more recent developments. GD***
>From: Mark Bennett <mab@straussandasher.com>
>But what of "Mister Morn"? Is there any likelihood of that play ever seeing
>general publication? Boyd's discussion of that play in "The Russian Years"
>is so fascinating that one wonders why it has not been published. Or
>perhaps it has and I'm merely ignorant of its availability. Does anyone
>have any information?
>Mark Bennett
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>**For my comment, see below. GD**
>From: Kiran Krishna <kiran@Physics.usyd.edu.au>
>Does anyone know if "The Waltz Invention" is still in print, and if so,
>in what imprint? I would be grateful for any information on this play.
> yours
> Kiran
>***I believe it *is* out of print. _The Man from the USSR and Other Plays_
>is still available but it has no Waltz since the play had already been
>available in translation prior to the publication of _The Man from the
>USSR_. I am aware of just two American editions of _The Waltz Invention_
>-- Phaedra, 1966 and Pocket Books, 1967. I remember hearing that an
>expanded edition of Nabokov's plays which was to include the WI was in the
>works -- but I am not certain of the status of that. Other people on the
>list may have more information. The play was recently (relatively
>speaking) republished in Russian in the 1990 edition of Nabokov's plays --
>Nabokov, _P'esy_, ed. Ivan Tolstoy. GD ***