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Re: The Waltz Invention (fwd)
*** As far as I know, the complete ms of the play had been lost at some
point -- but there may have been more recent developments. GD***

From: Mark Bennett <mab@straussandasher.com>

But what of "Mister Morn"? Is there any likelihood of that play ever seeing
general publication? Boyd's discussion of that play in "The Russian Years"
is so fascinating that one wonders why it has not been published. Or
perhaps it has and I'm merely ignorant of its availability. Does anyone
have any information?

Mark Bennett

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**For my comment, see below. GD**

From: Kiran Krishna <kiran@Physics.usyd.edu.au>


Does anyone know if "The Waltz Invention" is still in print, and if so,
in what imprint? I would be grateful for any information on this play.


***I believe it *is* out of print. _The Man from the USSR and Other Plays_
is still available but it has no Waltz since the play had already been
available in translation prior to the publication of _The Man from the
USSR_. I am aware of just two American editions of _The Waltz Invention_
-- Phaedra, 1966 and Pocket Books, 1967. I remember hearing that an
expanded edition of Nabokov's plays which was to include the WI was in the
works -- but I am not certain of the status of that. Other people on the
list may have more information. The play was recently (relatively
speaking) republished in Russian in the 1990 edition of Nabokov's plays --
Nabokov, _P'esy_, ed. Ivan Tolstoy. GD ***