Vladimir Nabokov

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VN sighting (fwd)
From: Neil Spence <NSpence@2roam.com>

In his latest book of humorous essays, _Me Talk Pretty One Day_, writer
David Sedaris makes a reference to VN. In a piece called _The Late Show_,
Sedaris relates several "epic daydreams" he makes up for himself while
trying to fall asleep. In one of these scenarios, "I've Got a Secret",
Sedaris is "a pretty, slightly chubby White House intern who's had a brief
affair with the president of the United States." (S)he refuses to talk to
reporters or to testify at hearings, and is sent to prison. "After prison I
publish a novel under an assumed name. The book is _Lolita_ word for word,
and I'm allowed to write it because, under the conditions of the fantasy,
Vladimir Nabokov never existed. Because it is so magnificent, my book
creates a huge stir. Reporters go hunting for the author; when they discover
it's me, I think, Goddamnit, can't you people find anything better to do? I
now have a reputation as both a dignified enigma and a genius, but I don't
want people reading _Lolita_ because I wrote it. My masterpiece is demeaned
by their pointless search for a hidden autobiographical subtext, so I give
up writing, live off the money I've made from careful stock investments, and
quietly spend the rest of my life sleeping with professional football

Neil Spence
San Francisco