Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Audrey Young/Ada (fwd)
From: Susan Elizabeth Sweeney <ssweeney@holycross.edu>

The theme of a woman's arm, possibly recognized in a film in which she may
be featured, also appears in _The Real Life of Sebastian
Knight_. Sebastian, the narrator explains, "is said to have been three
times to see the same film--a perfectly insipid one called _The Enchanted
Garden_. A couple of months after his death, and a few days after I had
learnt who Madame Lecerf really was, I discovered that film in a French
cinema where I sat through the performance, with the sole intent of
learning why it attracted him so. Somewhere in the middle the story
shifted to the Riviera, and there was a glimpse of bathers basking in the
sun. Was Nina among them? Was it her naked shoulder?" (p 184)

Susan Elizabeth Sweeney
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