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Father Pavel (Florensky) (fwd)
From: Stanislaw Milkowsky <milkowsky@hotmail.com>

In his message to NABOKV-L from 6/08/00 dedicated to Father Pavel
(Florensky), Mr. Alphonce Vinh writes: "The scholar-philosopher-priest was
canonized several years ago by Moscow Partiarchate."

Although some new martyrs were canonized by Moscow Patriarchate (most
notably Grand Princess Elizabeth (Romanov), Patriarch Tikhon (Belavin) and
some others), it is not the case with Father Pavel (Florensky). In the
recent interview conducted by "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", a member of the Synodal
Canonizing Comission of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Partiarchate)
Father Georgii (Mitrofanov) states: "Our commission didn't receive any such
material <that is the material that would support Father Pavel's (Florensky)
sainthood or martyrdom -- S. M.>. We didn't work in the direction of Father
Pavel (Florensky)." ("Nezavisimaya Gazeta", 10 (56), May 31, 2000, also
available on


However, Father Pavel is a saint martyr for the Russian Orthodox Church
Outside Russia (http://www.rocor.org), that canonized everyone (!), who
suffered and died during the Bolshevik terror.

Best regards,
Stanislaw Milkowsky (milkowsky@hotmail.com)
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