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Re: Query-Fr. Pavel Florensky (fwd)
Had to re-check but here it is: Gene Barabtarlo in AERIAL VIEW makes
several references to Florensky while discussing Nabokov's "Art and
Metaphysics." See, for example, his discussion of PNIN, "A Resolved
Discord," pp. 141-92.

Galya Diment

> From: sam schuman <schumans@mrs.umn.edu>
> Does anyone know if VN knew the work of, or possibly even might have
> encountered in person, the priest, scientist and writer Pavel Florensky
> (1882-1937)? Florensky, as I suppose most everyone but me knows, was
> something of a genius, a saint and certainly a martyr. Fr. Pavel writes:
> For within ourselves, life in the visible world alternates with life in the
> invisible, and thus we experience moments...when the two worlds grow so
> very near in us that we can see their intimate touching At such fleeting
> moments in us, the veil of visibility is torn apart, and through that tear
> - that break we are still conscious of at that moment - we can sense that
> the invisible world (still unearthly, still invisible ) is breathing: and
> that both this and another world are dissolving into ech other.
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