Vladimir Nabokov

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Query-Fr. Pavel Florensky (fwd)
From: sam schuman <schumans@mrs.umn.edu>

Does anyone know if VN knew the work of, or possibly even might have
encountered in person, the priest, scientist and writer Pavel Florensky
(1882-1937)? Florensky, as I suppose most everyone but me knows, was
something of a genius, a saint and certainly a martyr. Fr. Pavel writes:

For within ourselves, life in the visible world alternates with life in the
invisible, and thus we experience moments...when the two worlds grow so
very near in us that we can see their intimate touching At such fleeting
moments in us, the veil of visibility is torn apart, and through that tear
- that break we are still conscious of at that moment - we can sense that
the invisible world (still unearthly, still invisible ) is breathing: and
that both this and another world are dissolving into ech other.


Samuel Schuman
The University of Minnesota, Morris
Morris, MN 56267