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Kournikova as "Lolita" (fwd)
From: Camille Scaysbrook <verona_beach@hotpop.com>

I saw a very tacky poster of Kournikova not so long ago, which blatantly
played on her Lolitaesque image (the main picture - it was a montage -
showed her accidentally hiking her dress up as she adjusted her pants).
There is a very strong commercialisation of the Lolita image happening at
the moment - Britney Spears being a prime example. It's quite frightening to
see such a blatant pandering to the interests of semi-pedophiles - I'm not
being a prude, I just feel sorry for all these young girls who are forced
into becoming sexualised so early.

Camille Scaysbrook

> From: Kelvin Lu <kelvin@midway.uchicago.edu>
> In regards to the recent comment on whether Anna Kournikova qualifies as
> the "Lolita" of tennis:
> HH's most precious memories of Lolita involved the grace of her tennis
> abilities. It seems reasonable to make a comparison between Lolita and AK
> based on K's beauty and grace on the tennis court and her ability to make
> grown men swoon. Even if "nymphet" is the wrong term for 19 year old
> Kournikova, it might have been apt a few years ago. I think she was
> dating a hockey player at the age of 17 or 18 who was many years older
> than her. Not every nymphet experiences the tragedy of Lolita-hood.
> Some just grow up.
> Kelvin Lu