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Re: Kournikova as "Lolita" (fwd)
From: Juan Martinez <>

Even more tangential information: Kournikova became a pro at the age of
15, and -- on the web -- there are a dismaying amount of photos and videos
of her in various tennis-related nymphetian poses, with the bulk coming
from the very early phase of her career. I didn't quite set out to find
them: a search on her name in just about every search engine links to the

Distressing? A little. Not every nymphet may experience the tragedy of
Lolita-hood, but a few are still unwitting fodder for virtual Humbert



>>> 06/06/00 10:51AM >>>
From: Kelvin Lu <>

In regards to the recent comment on whether Anna Kournikova qualifies as
the "Lolita" of tennis:

HH's most precious memories of Lolita involved the grace of her tennis
abilities. It seems reasonable to make a comparison between Lolita and AK
based on K's beauty and grace on the tennis court and her ability to make
grown men swoon. Even if "nymphet" is the wrong term for 19 year old
Kournikova, it might have been apt a few years ago. I think she was
dating a hockey player at the age of 17 or 18 who was many years older
than her. Not every nymphet experiences the tragedy of Lolita-hood.
Some just grow up.

Kelvin Lu