Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: VN Poems Translated (fwd)
From: Peter Kartsev <petr@glas.apc.org>

I have, after all, managed to track down the original. This is ugly but almost

Among these larches and pine-trees,
under the ermine of these mountains
would have been less unbearable to me
the shame of existence:

more monotonously, perhaps,
but doubtless more honestly,
here my poor time span would have been lived
far away from my timelessness.

"Time span" and "timelessness" are meant to render (feebly) the opposition
between "vek" (lifespan) and "vechnost'" (eternity), which have the same root
in Russian.


> From: Iann88@aol.com
> Enjoyed that little VN poem just newly translated. Say, I wonder,
> could I ask other people to give their own different translations of the
> same poem to get different takes on it? And this could apply to other newly
> discovered VN poems. I mean Dante has been translated by many writers. It
> could be a nice addition to the List. I don't know Russian, or I'd love to
> take a crack at it. I mean a poem is short, not a novel, and would lend
> itself to multiple translations.
> Phil Iannarelli