Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0005113, Thu, 25 May 2000 20:45:45 -0700

NABOKV-L Administrivia - Attachments on the list (fwd)


Dear NABOKV-L subscribers:

Attachments And Encoded Messages
When sending messages to NABOKV-L, please use only plain ASCII text. Do
not attach executables or files, including
images or sounds. Do not format your messages in base64,
MIME, or html. Such formatting and use of attachments may
result in the archival of great amounts of unnecessary text,
which is a waste of our resources, and not all subscribers
use mail clients capable of decoding such things. List members
who use Microsoft's Outlook Express should pay special
attention, as the default formatting with that program is
text/html, and a manual change in its configuration must be
made prior to posting to the list.

In addition to the reasons given in the guideline, attachments
sometimes contain computer viruses or worms and the elimination
of NABOKV-L as a potential vehicle for the unwitting distribution
of such things is a worthy goal.

Finally, as long as I'm writing and have your attention, permit
me to post a brief reminder of another guideline.

Quoting Text From Original Messages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Because all posts to NABOKV-L are archived, and because disk space is a
finite resource, list members are asked to pay close attention when they
reply to messages on the list and quote text. Including portions of
original messages is fine, as long as it's done to provide context for the
reader and is done selectively. However, quoting entire original messages
within the body of replies, when the original messages are more than just
a few lines, is prohibited. Not ont fill up our disk space with
extraneous text, but those list members receiving NABOKV-L in DIGEST
format are forced to read through the same messages three and four times.

If you would like your own copy of the SEELANGS Welcome message
that contains our list guidelines and information about controling
your own subscription, you can send the command:


in the body of e-mail to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ucsb.EDU

and LISTSERV will mail it to you.