Vladimir Nabokov

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A Question from Saratov (Russia) (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. There are a number of Russian students and faculty in
Saratov who work on Nabokov. Non-Russian scholarly publications are very
difficult to get there. Perhaps someone would like to contact Lena
Efremova below and either send her some of the items she mentions or to
propose an exchange of publications?

From: Efrem <efrem@intsar.com>

Hello. This is Lena Efremova from Russia, Saratov.
I am working on my diploma in Staroverova Elena Vladimirovna's Seminar. I
work on the image of the Artist and Art in ADA. I'd like to read more about
this novel (there is too little to read about it here). At first I want
to ask
about B. Boyd's book "Nabokov's ADA: the Place of Conscioousness.";then his
article in "The Nabokovian" (1994-5); then A.Appel "ADA Described" in
TriQuaterly, #17 (1970); then Updike's article - where can I find and read
all this? Is this information available at the Web Site ZEMBLA or where?
Can you help me? I want to ask you advice. And maybe you can advise some
other reliable and interesting information on criticism on ADA?
thank you in beforehand
thank you for what you are doing