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> The hole in Blagidze's mind had caused a complete set of memories to
> but the patient remembered quite clearly (according to a Russian male
> good at decoding the tales of the tortured) how at six years of age he was
> taken to a pleasure park in Italy where a miniature train consisting of
> three open cars, each seating six silent children, with a battery-operated
> green engine that emitted at realistic intervals puffs of imitation smoke,
> pursued a circular course through a brambly picturesque nightmare grove
> whose dizzy flowers nodded continuous consent to all the horrors of
> childhood and hell.
> [...]
> By nature I am not vindictive; yet I like to dwell in fancy on the image
> that little green train, running on, round and round, forever.
> --HARLEQUINS (End of Part One)