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Nabokov Japanese Bibliography

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Bibliography from Japan--4 new entries of Nabokov
scholarship in Japanese.

Numano, Mitsuyoshi. "Looking for Nabokov."
A String of Sleepless Nights: Essays on Russian Émigré Literature.
Tokyo: Sakuhinsha, 2002. 103-128.
(Japanese title: Tetsuya no Katamari: Bomei Bungakuron)

A collection of recent essays on Nabokov, Singer, Cannetti,
Brotsky and others.
Four essays are on Nabokov:
"How Russian is Nabokov As an Author?"
"When a 'Russian-speaking Demon' Meets an 'English-speaking Lover'."
"Having a Row with Dear Bunny."
"Toward a Re-assessment of the Great Unread Author."

Wakashima, Tadashi. "Beyond Zembla: On Brian Boyd's
Interpretation of Pale Fire." At Millenium's Beginning:
Essays on American Literature. Vol. II. Tokyo: Nan'undo,
2001. 214-227.
(Japanese title: Amerika Bungaku Millenium II)

An attempt to define Nabokov's own view of Pale Fire
through analyzing Boyd's new interpretation.

Morosaka, Shigetoshi. "'The Tiger Hunt' as Metonymy--
Nakajima Atsushi, Borges, Nabokov." Obun Ronso 55
(2002): 35-73.

A comparative study of the narratives of Nakajima and Borges
with Nabokov's Sebastian Knight.

Suzuki, Akira. "From Detail to Detail: Vladimir Nabokov and His
'Commentary' to Eugene Onegin." Tokyo Gaikokugo Daigaku
Ronshu 62 (2001): 97-116.

A study of Nabokov's ''Commentary' to Eugene Onegin to
expose by contrast Kinbote's indifference to allusions in Pale Fire.
With summary in English.

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