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Fw: 'The Prisoner of Zenda' - Query
EDNOTE. Alfred Appel _NABOKOV's Dark Cinema_ notes points of similarity
between PF and "Prisoner of Zembla" as well as the Marx brothers "Duck
Soup." I don't know whether there is specific proof but it is very likely
VN know of Hope's 1894 novel and some of the film versions.

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> I'm not certain if this has been noted before, but the
> 1937 picture/Anthony Hope novel 'The Prisoner of
> Zenda,' about a small European country and some royal
> doppleganger intrigue, seems to share some
> similarities with VN's Zembla. Do we know whether or
> not Nabokov was aware of this book or the popular '37
> film based on it?
> -Robert Rabiee