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Fw: PF epigraph
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> The lengthy history of epigraphs (or for that matter any other part of
> a codex that doesn't fall in the category of "text"), and their
> potential effect on the reading is a bit much to go into here, and I
> instead offer Genette's "Paratexts" for a complete cataloging and
> explanation.
> I'm sorry that I can't address your concerns more directly, as I do not
> have a copy of PF on hand, but I do ask that you consider that PF is
> obsessed with the codex form, it repeatedly address the physical form
> of Shade's poem in index cards, the politics of the publication of the
> poem have a significant impact on the novel, and Kinbote (or Shade or
> Nabokov) even suggests ripping the two sections of text in half, or
> preferably buying two copies.
> In a novel so obsessed with the form of a novel, or any book, why
> wouldn't every aspect, from cover to colophon, be of import?
> Just to add to all this book form fun, I also recommend reading Lee
> Siegal's "Love in a Dead Language," a kind of tribute to Nabokov,
> Lawrence Sterne, and the Kama Sutra.
> Luther M.