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Fw: Fw: Casta Diva? Help with ADA
EDNOTE. Marie Bouchet's suggestion is a good one. The Cancogni volume is,
alas, extremely hard to find.

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> Dear Carolyn and list,
> I may bring to your attention an excellent book on Ada that helped me a
> lot understanding its narratorial intricacies and interwoven times and
> stories. Its title is: "The Mirage in the Mirror: Nabokov's Ada and its
> French Pre-texts". by Annapaola Cancogni, published by Garland in 1985.
> Despite what its title reads, it does not only analyzes the intertectual
> references to French literature, but provides very interesting structural
> analyses (ie. chronology, family tree, narratorial structures and the
> problem of "texts"). I hope it will relieve a part of your frustration!
> Marie Bouchet.
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> >ADA can indeed be discouraging in detail but the general outlines are
> >reasonably clear thanks to a generation of scholarship.
> >
> >
> >Dear Ed.,
> >
> >I don't think this is the case. For example no one has discussed the
> >multiple murders that Marina and Ada have committed and what role they
> >in this so-called love story. And I am convinced that this is not a love
> >story. Who is Ronald Oranger -- no one even seems to worry about this.
> >many manuscripts are referred to in the novel? The number of codes in
> >novel clearly exceed the one that is described in it. The chronology has
> >never been tracked down, and there is an obviously scrambling of events
> >generations. What is the L disaster? Who are all those people in the
> >"family tree." And so on.
> >
> >I guess I have to wait for the next generation of scholarship. This
> >generation leaves me very much less than satisfied.
> >
> >Carolyn
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