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Fw: Bruegel Proverbs
EDNOTE. Nabokov was indeed fond of Brueghel and alludes to his "Peasnats Dancing" in ADA. He refers to him in other works--although not as often as to Bosch who is an important motif inADA.
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While I was looking for Hieronymus Bosch and his representations of Paradise, I came across a very interesting painting by Pieter Bruegel that illustrates in one single painting at least a hundred and ten "Flemish Proverbs". Bruegel depicts them by very descriptive images almost piled one on top of the other. It is a 1559 pannel also designated as " A World Upside Down".
Unfortunately my book is a translation to Portuguese and if you should find the detailing of the proverbs interesting ( didn´t Bruegel and Bosch collaborate sometimes?) I think it would be advisable to research them in English. The edition I´m using now is organized by Rose-Marie and Raineer Hagen, Ed. Benedikt Taschen.
I´m mailing them separately.
Best, Jansy